Annual Planning Retreat

January 17th-18th

Attend our Annual Retreat at Harrah's Cherokee Casino and Resort

You will leave with a defined and detailed blueprint for success for 2022.

What happens at the Annual Retreat?

Create A Game Plan For The Upcoming Year

This retreat is a deep dive into the past 12 months of your company – what you’ve done well, what you’ve done wrong, and what needs to change. Then we look at the next 12 months of your company and put together a gameplan of how you will get to the next level.

Attend Personal and Professional Growth Workshops

We will have workshops over the course of the retreat that focus on the issues most effecting our partners based on coaching conversations, partner input, and overall industry conditions.

Have Fun With Fellow Contractors

At the end of the day, we want this retreat to feel like a vacation for everyone who attends. We know how hard it is for people in this industry to take vacations. Several activities will be planned for attendees that anyone can attend or feel free to just relax during your down time.

Cost and Payment

This retreat is included for all ProServe Alliance Partners*

If you are interested in coming but are not a ProServe Alliance Partner, please click below to enquire about pricing. However, we don't want finances to be the reason you don't come. That is why we are offering multiple SCHOLARSHIPS to companies determined to grow. If you would like to attend or apply for a scholarship, please use the button below.

*ProServe Alliance Partners are still responsible for their rooms, food, and extracurriculars.

Event Schedule:

Arrival on Sunday is optional, but we recommend it for most companies traveling out of state as Monday morning we will be starting at 9am.


Sunday 16th: Arrival

Most attendees will be arriving on Sunday due to travel time. We recommend any out of state participants to come on Sunday so they are prepared for the the first day of the retreat. Our team will be arriving around 1pm and we are looking forward to seeing everyone that night!


Monday 17th: Day 1

We will begin the retreat at 9am by going over the homework all participants completed prior to the event. This will be a complete overview and analysis of each companies past year. After lunch, we will begin diving into the good, bad, and ugly of the data and creating specific goals and identifying direction for the upcoming year. At 5pm everyone will be dismissed to go enjoy Harrah's Cherokee Casino.


Tuesday 18th: Day 2

Day 2 will begin at 9am with the Blueprinting session of each company. Using the information gathered on the previous day, companies will create a plan for the upcoming year complete with action items on how to execute it. After lunch, based on the information from the previous day, we will begin instructing the group on different methods to execute their Blueprints after the retreat is over. At 5pm we will all be dismissed and attendees are welcome to enjoy the casino for another night or go back home.


Wednesday 19th: 1-on-1 Planning Session 
(Executive Partners Only)

Each of our Executive ProServe Alliance Members will be assigned a time slot on Wednesday for their 1-on-1 Planning Session. This session is a comprehensive discussion about the findings from the first two days and consultation on decisions each company will need to make in the future.

Who's Leading The Retreat?

Clark Turner

Founder | ProServe Alliance

Clark started a general contracting company called ProServe Home Solutions in 2006 and grew it from a one man show to doing over 700 renovations per year. Now, he has taken the custom built software and processes used to grow his business and started ProServe Alliance to help fellow contractors.

Jared Flowe

Director of Operations | ProServe Alliance

Jared started working at ProServe Home Solutions in 2013 and successfully helped grow the company into what it Is today. He oversaw the turns devision of the company for many years and is now using his talents to help contractors better themselves.